Sunday, April 06, 2008

Muxtape - clean and simple

I have to admit that like so many others I am impressed by Muxtape. A UI experiment that has caught like wildfire, clearly Justin filled a need, and did it with style and skill. I put up a muxtape of some stuff that I am currently into, and I put a good amount of thought into the selections and the ordering.

Of course, the biggest question is the business model. 3 possibilities:

  • Linking to amazon, and/or itunes and even possibly giving the muxtape author a cut of the revenue generated from singles sales. (This came up at the most recent NY tech meetup)
  • Audio ads at some point through the muxtape.
  • MICROPAYMENTS!! Whether you pay 10 cents to listen, or you pay 10 cents for for someone else to listen, I think its time micropayments started coming into play in the US.
Here are some other suggestions:
  • Multiple file uploads: Wouldn't it be much easier if you could queue your uploads at once, and then click upload for all of them? I really don't like that I have to go one file at a time. One possible way to do this is with a java applet (gasp) called jupload but theres got to be a way to do it with javascript and iframes.
  • Uploads out of order: I uploaded my playlist in the order in which I wanted them to play. It wasn't until I was done that I realized I had to reorder them as they were backwards. (The last track uploaded was the 1st in the playlist)
  • Mixtapes always had an intended audience, so should muxtapes: I think this is my biggest criticism. I like that muxtape forces you to edit down to 12 songs. However, if the idea is to simulate the old school mixtape, then it fails for this reason. I always made mixtapes with an audience of 1 in mind. How can I make one mixtape that my mom would like and my weird friend from college would also like?? I can't.

Finally, I want to thank Justin for perhaps the biggest innovation on the site. I think its absolutely brilliant that muxtape doesn't require you to enter your password twice when you register. I have always believed that I could manage to get my password right on the first try, and finally someone gave the chance to prove it. I am really curious to know whether this has caused significant problems with registration or not.

So, please give my muxtape a spin. I guarantee there will be music on it you have never heard, and just maybe something that you will enjoy.


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