Sunday, April 06, 2008

LOTD tracker update

I am very proud to have gotten a link from Fred Wilson's blog mentioning the lyric of the day tracker that I built. Of course, I have been going crazy all day trying to figure out how to fix the data problem that was caused by twitter being down last night for maintenance.

I guess I could have handled bad data in my bot's code, but I thought I would be able to manually edit the data if there were any problems. I still think that I can, but I can't seem to do it at the moment. Either trendrr is having a temporary problem, or there is a bug in their site as their data view clearly allows for in place updates of the data, however it doesn't allow for saving the change. I have several frantic emails in to trendrr support, however something tells me they have better things to do on a Sunday :)

Anyway, I hope to fix the data soon. I am excited to have the views and the link, but of course I want it to be perfect.


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